Jerry Clemons

Jerry Clemons started Safety TEC, Inc. in May of 2001 while he was a firefighter with the Lexington Fire Department. Jerry started out with the Georgetown Fire Department in 1989 after finishing high school. While in the fire service he was an instructor for the departments he worked for.  Soon after becoming a firefighter Jerry received his certification as a KY EMT.  He has worked in both the public and private sectors over the years. Jerry enjoys the outdoors and meeting new friends.

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About Safety Tec

I was asked a question a little while back that has been stuck in the back of my head ever since.  That question is what does Safety TEC do at events.  My answer to that was “we provide medical coverage”.  Thinking back to that answer and then thinking about it I came to this conclusion “medical coverage covers a wide range of stuff to consider.  So with that, I’m wanting to break down medical coverage to the following: First Aid Station, First Aid, First Responder, EMT, Paramedic, Ambulance, Medical Director, and MCI.  

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