Medical Coverage Overview

I was asked a question a little while back that has been stuck in the back of my head ever since. That question is what does Safety TEC do at events. My answer to that was “we provide medical coverage”. Thinking back to that answer and then thinking about it I came to this conclusion “medical coverage covers a wide range of stuff to consider. So with that I’m wanting to break down medical coverage to the following: First Aid Station, First Aid, First Responder, EMT, Paramedic, Ambulance, Medical Director, and MCI. This should help us provide the coverage you are looking for. First Aid Station-a fixed location with a trained person in first aid and/or higher. The person will be statione

Minimal Medical Staffing

Safety TEC is recommending minimal medical staffing for all events! Last year was a eye opener for us at Safety TEC and hopefully some of the show managers as well. We had some pretty interesting and weird stuff go on. By luck of the draw we had MORE medical staff at those events then the show manager/our contact wanted there. This was either do to a change of personnel or another show getting done before the other show. The Safety TEC staff came to help out before they left. We touched on patient contact before, but would like to talk about it again. Lets not mention a visitor to the place your having your event. Lets talk about competitors at your event who have paid you the show owne

Official Briefing

I was invited to attend a briefing Friday night before the Spring Bay Horse Trial. The briefing was very eye opening to me in the point that other folks was thinking around the same line I do. What if something bad happens. Let me tell you this, it seemed like their plan was well thought out. Why do I say seems like it was, because it wasn’t tested at the Spring Bay Horse Trials. The show went great and other than the cold weather the show was wonderful. No big emergency happened. Like I said this was the first briefing I’ve been too. I got to put in my two cents worth and it seemed like folks listened to me. That was one plus for me. At times it seems like no one listens to me, wel

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