Picture of one of the new carts we have to help get around the show grounds.  This cart holds a backboard, and all the equipment we should need on an emergency call.


Two of our staff modeling for the camera. If we need each other, there is always a shoulder for us to lean on!


Some of the staff covering a cross country meet in 2017, man it was cold!


We take our coverage serious. Even taking time out to make sure all creatures are able to eat. Man look at those teeth!


Top right are two of our carts that we 

use to provide our services. The black one allows us to transport an injured patient on a backboard. The red one allows us to provide a rapid response to a call to start care as soon as possible.  To the right is our new 8.5 x 24 foot cargo trailer.  We are using this tor provide our services at locations throughout Lexington, KY.