First Aid Station

A fixed location with a trained person in first aid and/or higher.  The person will be stationed here and not leave unless extreme emergency.

First Responder

The first person on scene with EMS training.  This person's training is around 50 hours.


A person trained in basic life support and has more training than a first responder.  This person's training is around 140 hours.


A person trained in advanced life support and is the next step after EMT. This person's training could last up to 2 years and/or around 1500 hours. Usually needs a medical director so they can provide ALS care.



We currently provide our services at the following locations:

  • Kentucky Horse Park*

  • Masterson Station Park

  • Farms

  • Red Mile

If you have a need for our services outside of these locations, please submit your event using the link below and we will get back with you. We do have a mobile setup that we can hook to a truck and bring to you.

*We have an established emergency response plan (ERP) for the Kentucky Horse Park that has been approved by the Kentucky Horse Park Special Events and Mounted Police departments.

Our mission is to strive for excellence in all of our services.  We will instill the greatest confidence in our clients that we are prepared to provide the highest quality of care and service.  In the end, we take pride in knowing what we know and can do make a difference.

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