First Aid Station

A fixed location with a trained person in first aid and/or higher.  The person will be stationed here and not leave unless extreme emergency.

First Responder

The first person on scene with EMS training.  This person's training is around 50 hours.


A person trained in basic life support and has more training than a first responder.  This person's training is around 140 hours.


A person trained in advanced life support and is the next step after EMT. This person's training could last up to 2 years and/or around 1500 hours. Usually needs a medical director so they can provide ALS care.



We currently provide our services at the following locations:

  • Kentucky Horse Park*

  • Masterson Station Park

  • Farms

  • Red Mile

If you have a need for our services outside of these locations, please submit your event using the link below and we will get back with you. We do have a mobile setup that we can hook to a truck and bring to you.

*We have an established emergency response plan (ERP) for the Kentucky Horse Park that has been approved by the Kentucky Horse Park Special Events and Mounted Police departments.