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Minimal Medical Staffing

Safety TEC is recommending minimal medical staffing for all events!

Last year was a eye opener for us at Safety TEC and hopefully some of the show managers as well. We had some pretty interesting and weird stuff go on. By luck of the draw we had MORE medical staff at those events then the show manager/our contact wanted there. This was either do to a change of personnel or another show getting done before the other show. The Safety TEC staff came to help out before they left.

We touched on patient contact before, but would like to talk about it again. Lets not mention a visitor to the place your having your event. Lets talk about competitors at your event who have paid you the show owner/manager to come and ride at your event. Then let us talk about you placing your medical coverage at the area you are showing at for the day. This location is away from the barn area and someone in the barn area gets kicked or some other type of injury. How is the medical person going to be notified and then respond to that area. While your medical person is taking care of that person what happens if a rider in the ring is thrown from their horse and is hurt and needs to be transported to the hospital? Once the patient contact is made with the first patient the medical staff cannot leave until the patient is taken care of properly.

But if you the show manager/owner only want to have one medical staff at your event that is fine. As long as you are aware that we will not be packaging a patient up with only one medical person. The patient will have to be treated in place until additional help arrives to package the patient up to move them. This could be in the middle of a ring, road, office, or anywhere on the show grounds and could hold up your show from continuing till the emergency is over.

Something else to consider is the area your event is covering. We cover events who use a large area and one person alone covering that area is very hard to do. With the thought of covering a large area, think about your communication with the medical staff. Will your setup work the area your event is covering?

I’m wanting to get this information out to you before your show information/bills go out for the 2008 so if you need to make adjustments to your fees you can to cover additional medical staff. If you would like to contact me for more information please do so. I like to help out and pass on useful information which could make a difference in a life.

One thing I want you to know is we are here to help make your show run smooth during an emergency. During an emergency IS NOT a time to test your emergency response plan. If you have question let us know. You can contact me at the link below.

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