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I was invited to attend a briefing Friday night before the Spring Bay Horse Trial. The briefing was very eye opening to me in the point that other folks was thinking around the same line I do. What if something bad happens. Let me tell you this, it seemed like their plan was well thought out. Why do I say seems like it was, because it wasn’t tested at the Spring Bay Horse Trials. The show went great and other than the cold weather the show was wonderful. No big emergency happened.

Like I said this was the first briefing I’ve been too. I got to put in my two cents worth and it seemed like folks listened to me. That was one plus for me. At times it seems like no one listens to me, well my two year old doesn’t! Think I answered their question to their satisfaction. Because I was the only one NOT taking notes, I’m going to try and remember what they asked me and put them here. So here is what I can remember:

Placement of medical staff- dressage if we are close to that area I feel comfortable with someone being in the immediate area. cross country I like input on this from the folks who know the course. I like placing the ambulance in the center of the whole course. This way they can go either way if they are needed on course or even off course. Stadium keeping the medical person in the area works good. Need to remember that mother nature calls and this is where good communication with the medical staff comes in to play.

Medical Helicopters-if we need an helicopter we can give them a call and get one to us. Just a few things to know about that is it will fly over the event to checkout the landing zone. We need 100 x 100 clear spot for them to land. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE unless medical staff is to be in the area of the landing zone (LZ). You are required to have training in this area and know what to do in that area and what to look for. If we have an ambulance on the grounds it could be faster to do a load and go on the patient instead of calling for a helicopter. That will be our call on each medical emergency. I know there will be doctors there riding, but we are trained in emergency medical and unless you are going to put your medical licenses on the line and take over total control of the patient “Please stay away” and let us do our job.

If we need more medical staff we can always call 911 and get more temporary help. Staffing more may take a little more time. So take that into consideration when planning. You might want to consider adding 1 extra as a roamer to handle barn calls, office calls or even back up if more than one incident happens.

As always I’m willing to work with you on your medical staffing.

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