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It is May, do you know what show is going on?

The first week of May and the KY Horse Park is HOPING! Rolex is over and many other shows are moving in or gearing up to move in. We are currently covering the 50th anniversary of the IHSA Championships here at the KY Horse Park Alltech Arena. Tomorrow we will be covering the KMSHA at the Covered Arena here at KY Horse Park. Then we can not forget UK Graduation this weekend at Rupp Arena. They are having it over two days this year. Friday and Sunday, so come out and watch our future leaders take the step from learning to earning. Then we must not forget the KHPF Cross Country Schooling days Sunday and Monday. If you do cross country with your equine friend, come ride on the grounds that the great Rolex riders just competed on. No pressure like there was last weekend for the ones competing, you can ride at your leisure. Then on Tuesday the KY Spring Classic is back with some great and exciting classes. There should be Grand Prix action on Thursday and Saturday nights. There is NO other place to be other than here on those two nights for some great jumping going on. All of this in just the first two weeks of May here at the wonderful KY Horse Park.

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