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The YEAR is 2018, are you thinking medical coverage for your event?

As the end of 2017 starts to come to a close, we at Safety TEC have already started thinking about 2018.  We start working on the events we cover 3 months out to ensure we have things right and our staff are able to cover your event. We seem to pick up one or two new clients a year and it seems we have one or two clients to decide to leave the area we service. It keeps us busy from May 1st till November 19th each year. We will be contacting our clients 3 months out to confirm you want us to provide our services for you again in 2018. What we would like as soon as possible is confirmation from you that you wish Safety TEC to provide coverage again in 2018. Basically give us the dates for your event and we will work on a contract using the previous years information. We can put your event on our calendar and schedule and start getting ready for it.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us here at Safety TEC.

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