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Mutual Aid Agreement

We have been requested by a few folks to work outside of Fayette County.  Our license to provide care is only for Fayette County which means we can NOT provide our services outside of the county unless we have a mutual aid agreement setup with another county.  This is not just a simple thing we can get done in just a few days or weeks.  Per KBEMS this is what we must have before going outside of our area to provide services:

A mutual aid agreement must meet the requirements from 202 KAR 7:501 as stated below. An email is not sufficient to meet this requirement. Thanks. (5) A provider shall enter into mutual aid agreements with another Kentucky licensed provider or fire department, rescue squad, or other organizations operating within the same or contiguous counties, that provide response to medical emergencies. These agreements shall be in writing and address: (a) The type of mutual aid assistance to be provided, including ALS or BLS medical care, ALS medical first response, or extrication; (b) Response personnel, including levels of training or education and provisions for joint in-service training or education if appropriate; (c) Response vehicles, including unit identifiers and the station or location from which the vehicles shall be operated; (d) A plan of action for the mutual aid agreement, including dispatch and notification procedures; (e) Radio and other communications procedures between the ambulance provider and other response agencies with which the provider has mutual aid agreements; (f) On-scene coordination and scene control including medical direction if several agencies respond to the same incident; (g) Exchange of patient information, records, and reports as allowed by law; and (h) The effective dates and process for amendment or termination 

We have tried to get these agreements with Bourbon County and Woodford County.  Both counties have denied us these agreements requests.  I will contact these agencies again this winter to try and get an agreement setup.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.



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