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Hey folks we here at Safety TEC hope you are doing fine. The time has been flying by for us here at Safety TEC. Seems just like yesterday we started the business, but it has been 18 years! We have learned a lot of things over those years and hope that the changes we have made to our service has been a positive one for everyone? We started out with one cart and trailer to 7 carts, two buildings, and soon a 8.5 x 24 x 8 (if is said that right) new cargo trailer. The trailer was ordered about 2 weeks ago and should be in here in about 2 more weeks. We are hoping this will help us on off site events and other events where we need to setup a first aid station for your event. It should be able to carry at least 3 carts if not a couple more, and once the carts are out we can set up a first aid station inside of it with hopefully everything we should need. As stated before we have 7 carts which on some weekends still will not have enough so we'll have to rent some to cover an event or two. We are excited about the new equipment we have and have coming in and sure do hope it will help us provide the services you have come to expect from Safety TEC. If you need us for your medical coverage please let us know as soon as possible. September is VERY busy for us already and on certain weekend we may have to turn away customers due to being so busy. We hope to see you at an event near you soon!

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