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Just because the events are slowing down, doesn't mean we are going to sit idle and just wait for the next event. We are always working on making things better and trying to better our service. We are looking at 2019 already and wondering how things are going to turn out for us next year. First we have to renew our KBEMS License, some of our staff have to renew their license by the end of the year. We have to do continue education throughout the year(s) to recertify licenses. So when our slow time kicks in, we step up our time for training so we are able to provide the best service we can for our clients. We take our jobs very serious, one mistake from us could mean some ones life. During an emergency seconds, minutes, count and can make a difference in the out come of someone injury. Most of the injuries we see are very common, but it is the serious injuries or medical conditions that put us to the test. We have taken these serious ourselves so the patient can have the best out come possible. One thing that gives us cold chills is running into a patient we have treated and they thank us for taking care of them. One particular patient that gives myself cold chills happened several years ago. Lady rides up and asked us "what do you say to someone who saved your life?" She continued to go on to tell us what happened to her and we really did make a difference in her being a live today. Most of us only need a thank you, a be safe out there, and keep up the good work. So if you see your medical staff say thank you to them, it is the little things that make our day!

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