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2021 COVID Survivor

It is the middle of January 2021 and we hope COVID is on a down hill slide! What are your plans for your event in 2021? Are you having it? Is your medical coverage booked? Have you planned your weather for your event? Ha Ha Safety TEC, Inc. has been working to be prepared for the 2021 year for the last few weeks and we are hoping for the best. We have made it through the COVID thus far and we plan on making it the rest of the way. But we need to know about your events and coverage that is needed. We hope that the events are bigger for everyone this year since you didn't get much in last year. With that said we understand long days and sleepless nights during the summer. If you haven't been in contact with Safety TEC, Inc. for your medical coverage please do so. We just need your dates for your events and about 30 days out we can fine tune the times once your entries have started coming in. We plan on having a very busy year this year with events in the equestrian world, concerts at Rupp, human cross country, and other events we cover. So get your dates in so we can get you covered! Until we see you at your event, stay safe and warm!

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