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Medic Down! What would you do?

It is a nice summer day and your event is going fine. Everyone is enjoying what they are there for, participating, watching, photographing, and providing medical coverage for the event. Your event is an event you have only had one medical professional to cover it in the past. Same thing for this year especially since COVID happened last year. Everything seems to be going fine until something happens to your medical person, this could be something as simple as going to bathroom, slip and fall injuring themselves, or something more serious as a heart attack or allergic reaction to something. With only one medical professional when would you know something like this is happening? Is there communications between event management and medical staff such as radio or is it phones. Is the medical person now known as patient able to communicate with anyone to let them know something is wrong? With any luck there is communication between the event and medical staff which allows for quick notification of an ambulance or other means of medical treatment for your now patient. You are working to take care of this medical situation/emergency, but what about your event? Does it have to stop? When will another medical person be there to cover your event? Do you put your event on hold, cancel it for the rest of the day or let it go and hope nothing happens? If you have minimum staffing you would at least have one more medical staff there to deal with this patient and to have coverage once the emergency is over.

Lets not think about your medical professional having a medical emergency, let me talk about something serious happening with one of your participants. They fall from a horse with severe injury or have a heart attack. Either one of these events really need to medical staff to provide patient care. If your medical staff is properly equipped and staffed they could handle these emergencies better than just one medical staff. With one medical staff they will have to treat the patient where they are at until further help arrives to move the patient. With the liability of having a lay person help move or actually do anything with a patient is a great concern. For one thing they are not covered under our insurance so if they do not do as we say; things could be bad. So if the situation happens in the ring with lots of folks watching, this is where they will stay till the ambulance gets there. During an emergency some says time stands still others say time flies by. Unless you have someone keeping an eye on a clock you will not know how long anything took. Then you will have people watching saying it took twice as long as it really did take. If you have 2 staff they could be able to move the patient to a staging area to meet the ambulance, your show keeps going and the patient is out of sight out of mind.

If we cover your event and usually have one person and now you are thinking at adding another one to it, contact our office so we can work something out for you. We are here to help you as much as we can.

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